Friday, 3 August 2012

RPT Deadlift

Another short workout.  I am on annual leave for the next fortnight so can't stick to a formal cycle at the moment.  Going to hit an RPT deadlift for variation:

1. Handstands/Handwalking
2. Deadlifts (3x140kg, 5/4x125kg) - RPT
I snuck in an extra rep on the second set of DLs.  Quite enjoyed the whole session.  In my warm up I finished my usual lunges and stuff with some pillar jumps (8 sets). 

After the whole workout I wanted to do some chins -  (exuberance is flowing from me at the moment, I had more to give), but I reigned it in and stuck to the program.  Next week I am off to France - plenty of time for general play!

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