Friday, 23 September 2011

Volume Week 3 W/O2

Rather than pushing numbers or volumes I want to avoid cluster setting in the DLs. However with the chins I intend to push the pedal slightly.

As always I need to keep in mind the other training I have done in the week (climbing last night), and its impact on my body.

Warm Up (5 minutes)
Main (40 minutes).
1a. Deadlift (4x137, 5x124)
1b. OACs (4x44/48kg, 5x40/43kg, 2-arm 10xBW)
2. HSPU (assisted 10, 10, 10, short rests)
3. Wall Walk (2, 2)
4. 5-Way DB Rotator Cuff (10)
5. Reverse DB Wrist Curls (15)

T'was a truly awesome session.  I was late to the gym and it was busy.  I warmed up with some dumbell DLs and chins.  My left shoulder felt tight - possibly due to climbing last night or a hefty turning kick received on Wednesday night's kickboxing session.

Anyway, the Iron room free'd up and I DL'd as above without cluster setting.  I could have gone much further but didn't want to blow my cookies.  I hope to keep nudging things up over a period of weeks, beating the number from the last session, rather than pushing to my max.

The shoulder loosened off pretty much straight away once I got in to my chinning.  The chins were ramped up - working with an extra 5kg.  I could have gone further.

I rattled through the shoulder rehab stuff and jobs-a-good'un.  A quick session but quite satisfying.

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