Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Elbow Rehab

A commentor requested further information on my elbow rehab.  Here are some excellent links on the matter, and the first of which contains a fundamental exercise with further details from UKClimbing:

This article by Dave Macleod on the use of eccentrics in the rehab of golfer's/tennis elbow is also worthy of reading:
  • "An intriguing new hypothesis is emerging that tendonosis might be down to underuse, rather than an overuse injury as it’s traditionally been perceived. Research into painful achilles and patellar tendons is suggesting that unequal distribution of loading exists within tendons that are chronically loaded at a certain joint range. Some areas are overworked and strained, other areas ‘stress shielded’ become atrophied and weak, and eventually strain as well. This lends weight to the importance of technique, training design and posture as being the direct causes of these injuries in at least a proportion of cases. There is some evidence that eccentric loading allows more even loading in the tendon, stimulating both the overused and underused portions in a way that allows them to recover normal collagen content and arrangement."

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