Friday, 8 April 2011

After-Work Wild Swim

It was a hot day - the first real hot one of the year.  So, after a day in a hot, stuffy office I headed out after work for a swim.  Absolutely invigorating.  It is nice to live close to the ground once in a while.

The photo is taken from my phone - propped up in my trainer! All my kit was actually on a dam wall. The sticks in the foreground are in shallow water which quickly deepens at the point you see me splashing around.

After I dried off I headed home with the stereo blasting and blue skies above.  I really couldn't wipe the grin from my face.

*UPDATE:  I just want to add that at as we enjoyed a cloudless sky, at lunchtime I spent 30 minutes sunbathing.  I work next to a leisure centre with a secluded courtyard bordered by plenty of trees.  I just put on my headphones and gently walked in a circuit (wearing just my shorts), trying to top up on VitD.

I usually supplement VitD over winter, but stop when the clocks change.  In fact I have reason to believe I was overdoing the VitD....


Chuck said...

warm....swimming....where do you live? i can't imagine swimming in a natural body of water right now.

Asclepius said...

Hi Chuck. I live on the edge of the Peak District (Central UK), so I guess my description of warm/hot is relative!

The water was.... let's call it 'bracing'.

I finish off every shower with a few minutes under the cold tap and have done for the last four or five years. This IIRC, was initially done in preparation for a dip in the Irish Sea over Xmas (which I have done several times over the past few years). Now that IS cold.

But essentially, my tolerance for cold water has increased massively over this time.

I read on ADVs blog several years ago of a centenarian who took regular cold showers....I guess this is what first planted the idea.

I *think* that it is meant to be a good 'fat burner, stimulating your metabolic furnace to keep you warm.

(I am not trying to lose fat, I am just trying to develop my bodies ability to cycle it).

Methuselah said...

A few minutes under the cold tap? Jeez: I time myself for a minute of cold at the end of my showers and by the time I'm done my head and nads are aching and I'm gasping for breath. Either you're a better man than I'll ever be or the water my area is colder than yours! I do make a point of keeping head and face under most of the time because it seems to cause the most 'stress' which is where the positive benefits are realised, as you know. In summer the chill does ease up.

Asclepius said...

Methuselah - I started of doing just a minute, but then I figured that I needed a distraction so I started doint times tables.

I chose the harder one - 6,7,8,9 and 12 times tables all the way up to 15x12!

Then I found I was getting too fast and not really filling a minute, so then I learned each of those times tables backwards (I kie you not).

Even now (with the exception of my 12 times table) I can do all those times tables backwards and forwards fast!

I actually now do some Lau Gar forms instead (hand and kick blocks one to ten), as I find you can moderate this physical action much more than you can a mental action under the duress of cold water.

That is an interesting point about the head under the cold tap. My head is not under the water for long. I'd say that in doing so you are firing a couple of responses - not only a response to tolerate cold water, but also one of 'not to drown'!

You are effectively water-boarding yourself! YOU are definitely the better man whatever the temperature of cold water in your area.


Methuselah said...

I have just done a 1-minute early morning swim on a beach at Kaikoura, New Zealand. Fantastic!

Asclepius said...

Nice action dude! Glad to see life is treating you well!