Thursday, 27 January 2011

Release the Kraken

Having decided a week or two ago to follow a CKD diet, I figured I'd put this in to practice for a week prior to 'releasing the Kraken' and going CKD on the diet side in addition to upping the exercise with an explicit glycogen-depleting workout.

I regularly fast for 24 hours once a week.  It really is not hard after so long 'paleo'.  The CKD approach mandates several days (around 4), of 'under-eating'.  This arguably has just as much legitimacy in a paleo context as once-weekly 24hr fasting (see how paleo once again flaunts its chameleon like qualities).

I like the idea of running glycogen stores down.  I like the idea that this might spur me to exercise.  Is it healthful or safe?  Don't know. 

The period of undereating and glycogen depletion are followed my 2-3 days of carbing up.  So yes, a few potatoes might creep back in to my diet.  I already eat squash and starchy winter tubers once a week.  Maybe the odd banana will creep in to my diet (and let me point out that tonight I broke the carb-fast with some leftover Xmas choccies).

What are the ramifications of a weekly carb-load? Not sure.

So anyway the way it has panned out this week is as follows. 
Monday-Thursday:  Instead of my usual 2-3 tins of fish at lunchtime and occasional one block of goats cheese, I force a calorie deficit by eating only one tin of fish.  During this time I am orthodox paleo - so no dairy, and maybe a small drop of milk in my coffee (no coffee and cream like usual). 
Thursday PM: I broke the fast with cheese and Cadbury's Celebrations.  I know what you are thinking "That Asclepius is paleo-as-fuck!  He hardcore.  He da maaaan!".  This is a one off for this week only.
Friday - Sunday: I will eat my usual weekly fry up (or two).
On EVERY day my evening meal was the usual half a chicken/lamb with some vegetables (50/50 by volume).

Let me just say, consciously under-eating/calorie restricting is slightly trickier than my normal approach.  Day one isn't so bad, nor day two.  But by Wednesday the cumulative effect of calorie restriction was noticeable (but still not as bad as the hunger pangs I used to get prior to my evening meal as a vegetarian!).

I intend to add another exercise session to the week during my next training cycle, but feel that if I ran a calorie deficit any more than my orthodox paleo approach above, things would become too difficult (I don't 'do' hunger).

So in light of this my plan is as follows for the next six weeks:
Monday - Friday AM: Orthodox paleo.  No dairy or cream in the coffee.  1-2 tins of fish at lunch.  Regular paleo evening meal.  This will be a period of undernutrition.
Friday PM - Saturday: Regular evening meal (paleo) but with some starchy carbs on the side (squash, potato and/or a banana afterwards).  Some dairy (goats cheese) and cream in my coffee.  Saturday lunch is ALWAYS a big fry-up (the Doctor)!  This will be a period of over-nutrition.
Sunday: Regular evening meal (paleo) - but no carbohydrate. Some dairy (goats cheese) and cream in my coffee. This is my standard diet that sees me at 10% BF.

So there you have it.  One or two days will be moderately uncomfortable but there should be nothing too demanding here - depending on how the depletion workout goes!  I might have to up the fish at lunch. 
Single digits here we come....!*
I hope to get a BEFORE shot up sometime soon - but am technically have already started.  Doh!  Once again this strikes me a 'obsessive compulsive'!  Only be eating paleo have I really appreciated how odd it is to calorie count and stop eating before your body tells you.
*Unless it gets too hard then I will respond to my hunger as normal.


gneisslyschist said...

So it seems calories DO count after all.

Asclepius said...

lol! Only to get to an unhealthy level of low BF.

Did I mention my current low motivation?