Friday, 14 January 2011

This is not a Test (Not)

I can effortlessly stay at around 10% BF with no calorie counting or forced restriction.  My weight barely moves from around 85kg.  Paleo foods with some butter, cream and cheese thrown in suits me just fine.  I fast in a 'I can never be bothered with breakfast' kind of way - and always train 'hungry' (paleo hungry, not hungry as carboholics know it).

But I am curious; I could be leaner.  To this end I am going to add in one further element of training (a depletion workout), with some minor tweaks to my eating pattern.

My typical workout follows this profile:

Sunday: Paleo Movement (Power Training)
Monday: LGKF (occasionally this moves in to Depletion/Power Endurance/Cardio territory)
Tuesday: Rest - this is where I will add in a DEPLETION workout.
Wednesday: LGKB (lots of depletion and cardio work)
Thursday: Rest
Friday: High Intensity
Saturday: Rest

My 'formal' gym session usually falls on a Thursday or Friday. I will now fix it to the latter.  Tuesday will now feature a full body workout with the sole aim of depleting glycogen from my muscles (3x15 rep range and <1min rests).  I'll continue to avoid bench press type stuff due to Lau Gar's mandate of LOTS of press ups in various rep and set structures. As Lau Gar training can focus on the legs (Horse Riding Stances and kick work), I'll have to adapt on-the-fly with this as well - cutting back as and where necessary.

Depletion workouts will feature leg press, leg extension, MBTs, planches, levers, L-sits, handstands and rows.

Food wise I need to add a bit more structure to things in a CKD-stylee.  Now normally I am LC but I do eat the odd root vegetable/starchy tuber soup once a week, particularly over winter.  I will add in a few more formal tweaks:

Sunday: One large evening meal only (LC, chicken and leafy veg)
Monday: One large evening meal only (LC, lamb and leafy veg)
Tuesday: One modest lunchtime meal (LC, fish and goats cheese)
Wednesday: Two meals (LC, Lunchtime = fish, evening meal = Chicken)
Thursday: Two meals (LC, Lunchtime = fish, evening meal = Chicken)
Friday: Two meals (Carb Load - starchy tubers)
Saturday: Two meals (Carb Load - starchy tubers)

There will be still no weighing or counting of calories and macro nutrients.  Just a few mild tweaks out of curiosity.  If all of this gets too hard or bothersome then fuck it, I will just throw it all out of the window and stick to the really easy program I currently follow.  I am getting stronger and still pretty lean - all with fun-filled training in short, but intense, sessions.

I will post up about how this whole thing unfolds.  Already, looking at a 'formalised' eating pattern like that, it screams 'eating disorder' - I hate the idea of eating being anything other than intuitive, dicatated by hunger and appetite.  Ah well, it is purely in the name of n=1!


Chris said...


keep us posted on progress

Asclepius said...

Will do. I am in the process of taking some 'before' photos... caveat is that if, or as soon, as it gets too hard, I will probably go back to orthodox paleo (which I find soooo much easier than pursuing vanity projects).