Sunday, 7 February 2010

Observer Sport Monthly

The Observer's Sport Monthly supplement had an atricle on barefoot running today.

In the article there is caution about simply moving straight in to barefoot running and about progressively relearning to run unshod; allowing the bones, muscles and ligaments of the legs and foot to adjust.

It concludes thus;

  • "It's an exciting thought that if barefoot running is all it's cracked up to be, we might soon see the elites shedding their shoes and reaching new heights (well, speeds) in competition. In my opinion, however, such an outcome is unlikely. Barefoot running may be 'all about' a lot of things but it is far more about natural, healthy movement – getting back to your roots, quite literally – than about speed."



Anonymous said...

Show me a barefoot runner who doesnt have filthy carpets.

Asclepius said...

Show me a carpeted house that does not have running water and washing facilities!


Methuselah said...

I am a barefoot runner who does not have filthy carpets. I wear Vibram Five Fingers and take them off in the hall before I enter. Or is that cheating because I am not truly barefoot? ;-)