Sunday, 21 February 2010

All the Different Seasons

The snow returned today and this evening, after supper and before their batch, Captain Kid and Flash wanted to go for an evening walk around the block in the dark. They donned head torches and lamps and off we went.

This seems to have brought out the creative side of Captain Kid as she penned this poem on her return (with a little help from Mrs A):
  • In summertime it's very hot,
    We like to play outside a lot,
    In autumn time the leaves turn brown,
    We like to watch them all fall down,
    In winter time comes the snow,
    And Father Christmas don't you know,
    In springtime the leaves grow back,
    And little ducklings go quack, quack, quack!

    By Captain Kid (Aged 5)


AT22 said...

So cute. And pretty good!

Asclepius said...

Thanks. CK will be thrilled at the feedback!