Friday, 5 February 2010

12-8-4 Pyramid

OK, I have decided to focus a bit on this 12-8-4 routine. I want to see its effects. I reckon that this will be my basic workout for the next month.

I also need to perform more wall walks (particularly instead of kneel backs) to work the core. I will suck it and see tomorrow. The shoulders get a hard workout from this routine. Might have to limit planching and levers to the GTG routine.

*Update - I felt ropey on entering the gym so switched stuff around. For some reason I front-loaded the session with another O'Neill Test which nearly killed me. Oh ego, why dost thou drive me thus?

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (25 mins)
1) O'Neill Test(L3:4":1158m)
2) Dumbell Press (10kgx12, 12kgx6, 14kgx4)
3) Deadlifts (2x130kg, 2x120kg)
4) Weighted Chins (12xBW, 4x10kg, 3x10kg)

WRT the resistance, the Concept2 site advises:
  • The settings 1-10 on the Indoor Rower are not work level settings or fitness level settings. The intensity of your workout is controlled by how hard you pull on the handle and is calculated and displayed by the electronic monitor as you row. Your accomplishment is indicated by the monitor, not the setting of the wind damper.

The ONT really did wipe me out. The only thing I should not really have dropped was the wall walks. But apart form that, this is a superb little workout. I will be happy to stick with this for a while....oh, and I simply have to get in to the 'Good' range for the ONT!

Damn my ego. :)

The other thing I will mention is that I am now up to just under 84kg. I am assuming that the scales I use at the gym are accurate and if so, then this is another significant increase in weight of late. I was thinking that I look lean at the moment so this *might* be an increase in muscle.

My routines involve novel movements changed on a weekly basis, along with novel sets and reps. This is how I try to implement 'power law' training. I am happy to do this as I know that strength does NOT increase in a linear fashion which is why I shy away from linear training programs. But similarly growth is far from linear.

My experience is that you cannot forecast it! All you can do is give your body the impetus to grow (intense exercise), give it the nutrients to grow (nutrition), give it time to grow (rest) and create a suitable hormonal environment (IF). The rest is all downstream of your control.


Methuselah said...

So the rowing test is as simple as getting onto one of those Concept 2 machines and seeing how far you can go in 4 minutes? I see you did it on L3:4" - does that mean you had the resistance setting on 3.5? I tend to use 7, but from what you say, that does not seem to matter.

We tried the hierarchical thing last year and quite liked it. Not sure we persisted for long enough to confirm results though. Will be interested to see how you get one.

Asclepius said...

The L3:4" means level three for four minutes. I expressed four minutes incorrectly, it should read 4' not 4" (which is seconds in surveyor notation IIRC)

I will probably move the rowing to the end of the session next time.

Previously I have used higher settings (upto L8). The Concept2 reckon that a higher setting adds more momentum.

Methuselah said...

Ah - that makes sense. I'll try it on 7 and report back. That's gonna hurt if you do it at the end of the session! Last year I used to throw in a rowing tabata after quite demanding weights sessions and was giddy with fatigue for 10-15 minutes afterwards. Good stuff though.

Methuselah said...

I actually tried it on level 5 this morning. Immediately before, I'd done 3 sets of dumbell press and 3 sets of ab rollouts, alternated to avoid rest. That said, I was reasonably fresh, pulling-wise and leg wise.

The result: 1063 metres. I set off a quite a pace and felt the pain in minute 3. I picked it up again in the last minute, but ran out of gas in the final 10 seconds. Literally. A three-year-old could have come and robbed me ;-)

Good exercise though! I'll have another go in a month, perhaps from fresh, perhaps paced a little better...

Asclepius said...

Good work. I find the ONT similar to crack cocaine in its addictiveness. I am already preparing my next assault.

Methuselah said...

You need to find another dealer ;-)

Look forward to comparing notes as we continue to do these....