Sunday, 21 February 2010

Media Bits

  1. I have found the John Durant episode of the Colbert Report on for those outside the US who could not get the original online version. The relevant bit is at 14:10. (The streaming from this site wasn't too great for me).
  2. Today's Observer had an article on freerunner Johnny Budden who plans to free-run
    from John O'Groats to Lands End. His training is described thus:
  • "Budden has no training schedule, no coach, no nutritional advice. Every day he rises at 7am, chooses a nearby mountain, and runs to the top. If he makes it back by early afternoon, he turns round and does it all over again. Some days he sets himself extra tasks – 1,000 squats, 200 chin-ups, or, if it has snowed overnight, to complete his run barefoot."

If that isn't enough to get your paleo-juices going then he also fits in a bit of wild swimming:

  • "The afternoon we meet, we go to the local golf links, on a wild, exposed peninsula he runs to every morning. 'It's the best way to start my day,' he says, pulling his hood over his head and throwing a few shadow punches. Looking down on the freezing waters, he points out two houses on either side of the bay, a couple of miles apart, that he swam between yesterday. Five different peaks glower at us from the coastline. Budden has already run them all."

He plans to complete the trip carrying a tent on his back and suggests he might take to washing in streams. Hardcore!

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