Monday, 18 March 2013

Did Cavemen Jump the Shark?

I'm off to join 30BAD for some peace and quiet.



Chuck said...

i am curios where all the drama is goin' down? i have followed this stuff pretty closely for almost 7 years now but have been fortunate enough to not see all the drama play out.

Asclepius said...

If you go to most of the content is pulled together there but there are several notables that are involved to varying degrees.

I understand that disagreements arise but how this is playing out is messy.

Chuck said...

i had heard about that site but never really paid attention to it. it seems like a men against women thing. it also seems like a low carb against good carb thing.

who are the people involved? is nikoley one of them? i stopped following him a long time ago because his ego and childish fights just got old to me. there was rarely any decent new content.

here i go becoming part of the drama. i am glad i am oblivious to what has been going on.