Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Bodybuilder Meets Strongman

If you haven't seen the previous video where bodybuilders are introduced to some climbing training, I'd recommend it.

To follow up, here is a video of a bodybuilder lifting 'heavy shit' with a strongman.  Interesting points come out around the tyre-flip - a tyre weighing 300kg.  The strongman points out the technique required is lower-body rather than simply using upper body ("I have small arms" he says).  There is a lot to be said for being able to apply strength.  Lifting bodyweight in a variety of ways, and, lifting 'awkward' objects is a great way to train and a fine expression of hustle.


Chuck said...

a bodybuilder doing strongman is like a tree with a huge branch canopy and a small trunk in a wind storm....sub optimal. a narrow waist may be good for aesthetics but not good for supporting heavy weights while standing.

this was an interesting video, thx for sharing. i am glad they spoke english while training, otherwise i would have probably not watched it.

Asclepius said...

If you look through my archive I mention a few experiences with bodybuilders where I've been surprised at how function has failed to follow aesthetics of a herculean physique.

- A regional BB champion twice my size failed to loosen the collars on a bar in the gym - something I ended up doing for him. He looked at my skinny-ass with a mixture of horror and surprise and I simply gave a shrug and explained I had "climber's hand strength".

- Another time was on an assault course when a BB failed to get over a wall that can't have been much more than 8ft or so in height. It was all I could do to shout "Dude, dafuck do you train for?"

Having said that we've a local ex-WSM (Jamie Reeves) and if I had the courage I'd suggest he lean up a bit! :)

Chuck said...

if you lived near me, i'd invite you to a competition i am holding. you'd do great. http://akronstronghands.blogspot.com/

Asclepius said...

StrongHands looks awesome. Best of luck with it.

I'd love to enter but the 3000 miles I'd have to travel to enter are a bit...how shall we say...prohibitive!

I've a solid background in rockclimbing (30 years) and even though I don't train exclusively for climbing anymore, you can see from my training posts that I still work out using 321/Campus boarding to keep my fingers strong. The gym work I do (DLs with no wraps or belts) and rope climbing also keeps by grip generally pretty strong.

My dad was in to field sports and also rock climbing. His party trick was to crush a pair of bathroom scales to nearly 20 stone. I can't match that even now.