Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Well tonight's Lau Gar kickboxing session was a bloody killer!  Very intense.  This is on the back of roughly two weeks off from formal exercise.  In that time I've noticed three things:

  • My handstanding has become awesome with all this rest - with solid 15-20s on occasion.
  • My niggly left hip is clicking a LOT less,
  • Despite my ambivalence about the monarchy, on a jubilee I can celebrate with them best of them eating a whole ton of crap-in-a-box and drinking a lot of ale.
Point two is the critical observation.  I think I need to adjust for the amount of weights I do along with the Lau Gar.  This is something I will plan in to my next cycle which should start on Sunday.  In all likelihood the next cycle will be heavily punctuated by annual leave and so forth, so things might get a bit free form around here.

Still, best to roll with it.  Flow!

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