Friday, 8 June 2012

Short Workout

Still aching from LGKB on Wednesday.  I will keep today short and light:

Warm Up (5 minutes)
Main (25 minutes).
1. Handstand work and walking lunges to side/front (10 mins)
2. Snatch-Grip Deadlift off a Deficit (60kg x 5, 60kg x 5, 60kg x 5)
3. Chins (7, 7, 7)

Wrist and Elbow Prehab
4a. Golfers Elbow Drumstick Rotation (10)
4b. Wrist Push Ups from the Knee (10)
4c. Reverse Wrist Curls (10)
Gutted to have found out I can not longer do HSPU!  I laboured under the misunderstanding that doing lots of handstands would improve my HSPU, but alas no.  Remember the key to successful training in a word is SPECIFICITY!

Weight is still 84.5kg and I remain injury free!


Mike said...

Good point on specificity - that's an important thing for us all to keep in mind! I like the way you meld gymnastics and weightlifting elements into your workouts. Do you do any of these exercises in a circuit, or do you do them sequentially (i.e., all 3 sets of DLs, then 3 sets of chins)? Thanks for sharing!

Asclepius said...

Hi Mike - Don't forget the martial arts and the climbing in amongst the weights and the gymnastics!


I mix circuits and sequential workouts as you will see from my previous workouts.

Each is implied by the numbering. A sequential workout would look like this:

1. Chins
2. Deadlift

But the same exercises in a circuit would look like this:

1a. Chins
1b. Deadlift
1c. HSPU

If I was going to substitute one of those exercises each 'pass' through the routine (so, imagine I do HSPUs on the first set, Military Press on the second set, and DB Press on the third set), the numbering would look like this:

1a. Chins
1b. Deadlift
1ci. HSPU
1cii. Military Press
1ciii. DB Press

The numbering can get a bit complicated but that is the jist of it.