Friday, 10 September 2010

DeVany's Laws

Over time I have collected more than a few ideas from Arthur DeVany.  Today, his blog carried another excellent addition to my list (the one about homeostasis). 

Here are my top five DeVany words of wit and wisdom:
    Devany's first law: There is no failure, only feedback.
    Devany's second law: When the difference between the most you can do and the least you can do merges, you're dead.
    Devany's third law: Homeostasis of one variable does not assure homeostasis along other dimensions. You can read "normal" for many variables and still be exhausting the compensatory mechanisms over time.
    Devany's fourth law: Strength carries us effortlessly through life.
    Devany's fifth law: We should recognize the limits of knowledge and just get on the path that favours better outcomes

'Laws' one and two I have found to be profoundly influential in my thinking, with number one being a real game changer.  Law three should be required reading for the whole of the medical and nutrition community, whilst law four should be required reading for the fitness industry.  Law five happily embodies the n=1 nature of 'paleo'.


Mike said...

Solid stuff, Asclepius.

Law 1 is simple, yet profound. 2 made me laugh, because it's so true, as is 3.

Asclepius said...

Yep - law #2 is genius and brings a smile to my face! Hell, they are all damn well genius!

It is a shame ADV's blog has gone to subscription as a lot of noobs will have subsequently missed out on his input to 'paleo'.

On the bright side, his book is imminent and should be a fantastic resource.

I have long since maintained that he casts the longest shadow over the paleo 'movement'. I am sure there is a lot of anticipation for his long-promised book.

Mike said...

I had heard rumblings of his book a few years back, but then, like you stated, he went from an open-sourced format to closed; after that, I lost interest. I'm not sure why he choose that route---open sourced would have brought more folks his way.

Any ETA and/or title on the book?

Asclepius said...

He 'shut the door' shortly after he spat the dummy.

Sure everyone has bad days - but he got real pissed with some 'freeloaders' (that is what I think he called them), on his site. I think he got the idea that some visitors had a sense of entitlement to his work.

The book is on Amazon and should be out by the end of this year, called The New Evolution Diet

I reckon if he made his blog open access then this would draw in a massive amount of traffic and would have a positive effect on his book sales.

The problem is that at the moment there are a several equally excellent paleo blogs out there for free!