Friday, 24 September 2010

Strength Wk3 W/O3

A 3-hour walk this evening means no leg work today.  My (mildly) injured left elbow also demands a 'suck it and see' approach for this workout.

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (35 mins)
1. Weighted Two-Arm Chins (5x20kg, 2x 40kg, 1x53kg, 1x53kg, 1x53kg, 1x53kg, 10x0kg/BW)
2. DB Press/HSPU (6x10kg, 4x12kg, 2x14kg, 1xBW*, 1xBW, 1xBW*, 1xBW*)
3. RLL (6, 6, 6)
4. Planche Press Ups (6, 5/6, 4/6)

* failed

A change is as good as a rest, and so not wanting to aggravate my arm with OACs I opted for some impromptu regular weighted chins.  I didn't really know my RM so after some warm up sets unweighted, I started adding the iron.  My form is quite strict, starting from straight arms but with my shoulders 'engaged' and leaning back. 

My injury announced itself in the first few pulls of the work set, but then it felt fine for the rest of the session.  Rests were kept to 'less than a minute'.  The total weight (BW + iron), was about 138kg.

The HSPU made an appearance for one rep/set, and then promptly did an Elvis.  I think I might be working the dumbell sets too hard to start with.  These are truly explosive and the lowering is around 5s at least.  Again the rests between sets are 30-60s.

My weight is currently at 85kg.  The heaviest I recall being for some time.  I don't think I have changed much so I guess I am getting denser!  I cannot rule out the gym scales needing calibration, but one of the PTs reckon they are accurate.  (Another PT also announce the purchase of some VFFs - so I will not look like the only idiot in the place).

Next week is a deloaded phase.  Reckon I will drop down to 50-60% of RM.  If I can shake off this (diminishing) injury in my forearm, I am reasonably confident of a breakthrough on the OACs before Christmas. 

I am still pondering whether to go with the strength focus for my next cycle, or whether to consolidate and build some volume.  I am wary of putting much more weight on as it impacts climbing....and raises the prospect of finger injury.  Weight will also sabotage my planche.  Oh well.  Feeling good.

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