Friday, 15 February 2013

RPT Phase 2 W/O A

So no Kill Carrying, rope climbing or ring splits.  The MUs and sprints still give little change.

Today's workout:

Warm Up (5 minutes)
Alternate-side Cartwheels - air squats + side lunges

Skill Work (10 minutes)
Handstand - one legged floor touches + front/turning/side hanging kicks
Handwalk - tornado kick/(jumping) back kick/spinning hook kick to dragon sweep

Main (25 minutes).

1. Planche Variations (25s, 25s, 25s)
2. Barefoot Sprinting (1x10s, 1x10s, 1x10s, 1x10s, 1x10s)
3. Bar MU progression:
  • 3 MUs to Skin the Cat to Front Lever
  • 3 MUs to StC to Back Lever to FL
  • 3  MU to StC, BL and FL
4. 321 (8L, 8L 8L)

An agreeable session. Warmer than last week. More control this week on the MUs.

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