Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Gene Expression

I've long since given up attempting to study endocrinology through blog posts, but I still keep an eye on what crops up in popular media. I studied biogeography at Uni so have an idea of ecological niches and species reaching local maxima (or indeed, minima). 

And whilst I am both wary (and guilty) of descending in to Rosseauism, when it comes to what will promote our own health and longevity, I am quite happy to go for simplicity rather than try to follow the science.  Not that I disparage science - far from it.  It is just that with regard to health and fitness the science is not settled, nuanced, difficult to follow and hard to apply.  I reckon I am doing alright with simply 'living close to the ground'; an approach that intersects with 'paleo' and an approach that is increasingly buttressed by science.

Paleo has always been one step ahead on issues of gene expression and light exposure, stress and sleep.  The latter is the subject of this article on BBC 'Bad Sleep Dramatically Alters Body':
  • "A run of poor sleep can have a potentially profound effect on the internal workings of the human body, say UK researchers.

    The activity of hundreds of genes was altered when people's sleep was cut to less than six hours a day for a week."
  Time for bed....

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