Friday, 26 August 2011

What Makes You Eat More Food?

Some interesting articles from Time magazine, the first of which is a photo essay aimed at resolving this question (with my £0.02 in braces):
  1. Time of Day (habit is 'blamed', but what of those of us who eat as directed by hunger?)
  2. Sight (which I guess is related to cephalic phase insulin secretion)
  3. Variety (not sure how this ties in with the fact that I regularly eat a LOT of my favourite foods)
  4. Smell (again related to cephalic phase insulin secretion)
  5. Alcohol (although the traditionally lean French seem to mix wine with food successfully)
  6. Temperature ("heat is a satiety signal" apparently, and I am not sure how this ties in with obesity in warmer parts of the globe like the Arab states)
  7. Refined carbs (in particular I stick to the mantra to "NEVER eat 'food' that goes well with chocolate/sugar!")
A further article concerns the science of appetite which concludes with the concept of 'sensory-specific satiety' and comes with this caution:
  • "If you overload on one thing—say, the heavy dose of meats that the low-carbohydrate Atkins plan recommends—you're going to crave the sweet or crunchy or doughy experience of the fruits and breads you're forbidden"
I don't know much about Atkins' diet, but fresh veg has all the texture I desire.  As for the 'doughy' stuff - it makes me feel lethargic.  Sugar in general, if I hit the sugar button at lunchtime, the afternoon becomes a lethargic doze-fest.  Still, at least the wo/men in white coats are looking beyond the 'eat less, do more' paradigm.

Finally, after mangling the relationship between obesity and the laws of thermodynamics, Caroline Sayre climbs aboard the carbohydrate wagon, just as it departs the Paleo-station.  (I suspect the existence of a return ticket.)

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