Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Quinsy ME

 Bloody tonsilitis.  Not had it for a few years (since Feb 2009), but I am clearly susceptible to it.  I picked up a dose last week that has metamorphosed in to a quinsy (as it did last time).  Really.  Fucking. Painful.

It came towards the end of last week and peaked this weekend.  And when I say 'peaked' I mean it was like trying to swallow sharpened glass whilst someone punched me in the neck whilst someone else set about my left ear with a screwdriver, whilst undergoing brain surgery without anaesthetic. 

Three days of fasting seemed to kick it largely in to touch and it migrated from deep in the throat to the back of the mouth.  I thought I was on the road to recovery but last night it flared up again.  I wasn't sure whether to keep with the fasting and trust in my ability to 'self-heal' or whether to go 'neo'. 

I recall that I fixed myself last time, but this time, due to last nights flare-up, antibiotics won through.  I'd got a prescription from the doc' yesterday morning and we agreed I'd give it a bit more time before I cashed in the prescription.

Byut hell, I really don't want to got through any more suffering.  What do they say, this is NOT about paleo re-enactment.  Hell yeah to THAT.

Two days off work has allowed me to refocus on my training plan.  I have hit quite a few RMs (HSPUs being a good example), of late, but not made much progress on my planche or DL.  I am going to put a bit more of a drive on these.

Once the craziness of summer is over I will effect this plan.  In the meantime I am going to roll with it.  Train when I can.  And get well soon.

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