Tuesday, 16 August 2011

DM in Action

Another Danny MacAskill gem.  This one is not his new release Industrial Revolutions (good as it is), but an awesome add for Volkswagen (which gets uber-awesome at the 30s mark).


Natalie Hunter said...

Heh, I giggled a little when he freaked out about the bee. I've got the opposite fears, both about bees and bike stunts like that.

Unrelatedly, do you take guest posts on your blog? I realize it's a little personal, and I would've emailed you to ask but I can't seem to find your contact information. Drop me a line at nataliehntr86 at gmail, thanks!

Asclepius said...

Hi Natalie. You can contact me on chrisw622 at gmail.com.

I have never had a guest post - you may be the first!