Sunday, 7 August 2011


Just spent a weekend camping with the family.  Being outdoors really changes the family dynamic.  It is easy to berate younger members of the tribe for causing a mess.  I hear myself telling them to put stuff away and to leave other stuff alone.  It must be tough for them that not only I have they spent their whole life listening to me telling them what to do, but now I seem to nag them.

After a life of instruction it is no wonder they can tune me out.  Thus it is no surprise that I have to repeat what I say time and again.  Living in a tent is NOT enough to change this dynamic, but once we step on to the hill or in to the woods everything changes.

There are to toys to theirs to get in my way.  There is nothing of mine for them to trash (we're talking the 'Goirdon Smith Custom' here).  There is no mess to cause.  If they want to pick up a stick and play with it, that is fine.  There is nowhere to 'put it back'.  They are only limited by their curiosity and we can run, jump, climb and splash as we want.  No need to nag.


The dynamics of the modern house seem set up to cause tensions that really do not feature in the wilds!  Why we are at it, I notice that parts of the media are once again trying to convince us that our body is a white box.  It isn't, it is a black box.  Our health is NOT balanced on a pin-head.  Seek evolutionary drivers.

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