Thursday, 17 June 2010

Bodyweight Quickie

Due to the intermittent training for the past three weeks or so, and in a bid to take opportunity of today's most excellent weather and top up my tan, I did a quick body weight workout today.

The (improvised) routine was a leisurely three rounds of the following (with PLENTY of sunbathing in between):

Warm Up (5 mins)
  1. Handstand walk for distance (to 'collapse')
  2. Pillar Jumps x 6
  3. Tucked Body Lever x 20s
  4. Chins x 8
  5. Planche x 20s
  6. Back Bridge x 20s
I felt a bit weaker, but wasn't really trying. My approach was one of play rather than 'grrrrr'!

My 'Regular Joe' weight is somewhere above 82kg. I weighed myself today (on the usual set of scales), and came in at 'just over 79kg'. I should have weighed myself before and after the Welsh 3Ks. I cannot be sure that I am not still in 'fat burning ramp up mode', dehydration or if this is a loss of muscle mass. I have been drinking a lot of water since the walk, my appetite seems to be increasing since the walk. Curious.

The final part of the Welsh 3Ks will be up tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I'm about to delete your feed from my reader.

I want more Paleo information and a lot less about your work outs.

Reading someones training log is akin to watching paint dry.

Asclepius said...

Bye bye.