Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Holiday Workout

I have just got back form a week in the south of France. We had fantastic weather (no need for my 10000 IUs of Vitamin D). My diet erred from 'paleo' - there was a bit of pasta, croissant and pizza in the mix, but I was happy to indulge in some fine French grog, fish, plenty of eggs, butter and cheese. I kept up with my IF approach - seldom eating before midday and one or two longer fasts.

My workouts were sporadic and typically involved:

1. Short Sprint
2. Five Bar MUs
3. Short Sprint
4. 10 Pull Ups
5. Short Sprint
6. 10 Chins
7. Short Sprint
8. Body Lever (20s)

There were variations on this theme - with extra MUs throughout the day and one or two planching sessions. Needless to say there was a LOT of handstanding, 'skin the cats' and the odd pistol sprinkled throughout the week - oh, and plenty of swimming!

Pool-time with Flash and Captain Kid lead to plenty of messing around and saw the resurgence of 'Flash Throws' and the CK Press.
The place we stayed had a 'Salle de Masculation' but I preferred the chinning stations littered around the sports courts. You could play a bit of football/soccer and in between games mess about on the bars (with the kids).

You can see in the shot of Flash and I above how I look today compared to this shot from two years ago. I reckon I am a bit leaner with perhaps more muscle mass on the shoulders but still short of Dorian and Arnie's physique. Still, I think I can hold a tucked body lever somewhat longer than either of them!

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