Monday, 26 October 2009

Omega3 and Omega6

BBC Four's 'Food Program' explores the balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 in the diet:
  • According to scientists, we need to dramatically increase our intake of omega 3 fatty acids and reduce our intake of omega 6 fatty acids to achieve a healthy balance. It is a controversial debate with all sorts of vested interests at stake.
    As manufacturers add omega 3 to a whole host of products, consumers can be left confused in the face of claim and counter claim. What can they believe? What is in the products we buy anyway, and how much does it matter?
There is a broad check of the usual paleo tick boxes - 'omega 3 and 6 ratios', 'margarine not so good', 'omega 3 good', 'inflammation', 'omega 3 changes cell membranes', 'omega 6 and obesity' etc....

There is some discussion of omega 6 and endo-canabinoid receptors - leading to munchies. There is even talk of saturated fat not being that bad and that you need long-chain (sea-food) omega threes rather than short chain (plant) omega threes! Sadly we get a bit of cholesterol scaring....oh well, it is a step in the right direction I guess. Dr Alex Richardson features on the program and offers some robust comment.

You can listen to the program here.


AT22 said...

Thanks for the link and information.

Chris said...

Did you see Channel 4's dispatches the other night - fascinating programme

n this edition of Dispatches, reporter Jane Moore reveals how nutritious the nation's breakfasts really are and the marketing techniques employed by this lucrative industry. Manufacturers are using health claims to sell their breakfast cereals, drinks and bars.

TedHutchinson said...

WholeHealth Source has some good evidence based information on healthier eating.

There is a 2 day conference on omega 3 here that has lots of good omega 3 science being explained.

Asclepius said...

Chris - missed it but will watch out for the repeat. Go to any kids party and you will see that the most popular junk food is chocolated covered cereal cakes! Also those grain bars are a similar case in point - subscribing to what I call the Nutella Principle.

Basically the Nutella Principle states that if it goes well with chocolate then it is junk. Thus bread and cereals are junk. Shimples.


Asclepius said...

Ted - thanks for the links. I will check out those webcasts.