Friday, 16 October 2009

Lactic Workout

So back to the '3-Tag' workout. Wasn't feeling that inspired so made it quick as I could with little or no rest in between exercises.

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (20 mins)
1a) Rowing (1x120s - Medium Resistance - No.7 -29rpm)

2a) Assisted Pistols (3x12 - with '8')
2b) Frog Planche (2x30s)

3a) Wall Assisted Handstands (3x30s)
3b) Kneel Backs (3x30s)

4a) Tuck Lever (30s)
4b) 30s Chin Up (15s up and 15s down)
4c) Tuck Lever (30s)
4d) Deadlift (5 reps)

(The evening was completed by some campus boarding for 20 minutes)

Exercises 2 and 3 are shown as groups that I cycled through for three sets each. The last group, 4, was a once through event finishing with a five-rep cluster set of deadlifts just to exorcise some "grrrr". I have beasted weightlifting in the past, but it is just another form of resistance - and it is always good to toss around your bodyweight on occasion.

As always I slowed exercises to ensure failure on around the last rep. The lactic acid kicked in well before this point.

Once again I got 'questioned' by a couple of folk who were curious as to what I was actually exercising for. The planche and levers are a common topic of discussion as no one else does them.
I say it was these exercises but being the 'Crazy Handstand Guy in the Monkey Shoes' is probably closer to the mark.

One of the inquisitors I pointed towards a 'Taubes' lecture on YouTube - and he may well become another convert to paleo eating. With the evidence before him he could hardly doubt that satfat ain't a killer and that cutting carbs will lean you up.

Similarly when I told him to drop the running and lift hard for 30 minutes once or twice a week - I detected an appeal that his current exhausting regime could never hope to match.

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