Monday, 19 October 2009

Climbing (Migratory) Workout

The nights are drawing in. It is getting colder. Winter is nearly upon us. Thus, I move to a greater emphasis on the 'hunting' elements of my workout. The paleo model mandates seasonal food - and I mandate seasonal exercise.

So if there is snow on the ground, you ain't doing much running. If there is snow on the ground you ain't eating much fruit. If there is snow on the ground you are hunting big game - and hauling its carcass back to camp! Time to head north and work the Kill Carry!

Ok - this is all romantic BS - but seasonal change is as good a reason as any to jazz up your workouts with whatever it takes to keep your enthusiasm stoked!

Warm Up (5 mins)

Main (25* mins)
1a) Sprint (The Chase - 15s) - I said 'much', not none!
1b) Ring Splits (6)
1c) Five L-Sit Muscle Ups to Basic Ring Routine to 5s Lever
1d) Laddering (3-grip)

2a) Pistols (five per leg - The Fight)
2b) Ring Splits (6)
2c) Four L-Sit Muscle Ups to Basic Ring Routine to 5s Lever
2d) Laddering (3-grip)

3a) Weighted 10kg Vest Kill Carry* (5 minutes of walking with a shouldered punch bag - 35kg)3b) Ring Splits (6)
3c) Four L-Sit Muscle Ups to Basic Ring Routine to 5s Lever

4a) Assorted 10 min dead hanging routine

The big news was the five unassisted pistols on each leg. I reckon I could have done at least another one on each leg but held back a bit knowing that the Kill Carry (KC) would be done with a weighted vest as well as the punch bag.

I headed off on the KC at a brisk pace and walked with purpose. I returned to 'camp' blowing quite hard, but psyched for that last little section of the routine.

I am looking forwards to doing a Kill Carry in the cold nights and during the snow. One of THE best workouts of last year involved just such an event - light snow and the shouldering of a burden (not too heavy though)!

The whole session was about 45 minutes I guess - but you could knock at least 10 minutes off if you ignored the specialised deadhanging exercises at the end....unless you want to climb!


Methuselah said...

Thanks sounds like fun. I am missing my Paleo workouts.

Calvin said...

Hey Asclepius,

Sounds like a great workout and glad to hear the pistols are mastered. I'm not familiar with the ring splits? Do you have a youtube link?

Also, are your levers front or back and tucked, single leg, or full extension style?



Calvin said...

Hey Asclepius,

Living in Alaska, I can relate to the seasonal change. Great to read that your pistol training is showing positive results. I noticed that you're doing "ring splits--I'm not familiar with that term, would you care to elaborate on that exercise some.



Asclepius said...

Hi Calvin - my ring routines involve front and back levers.

My bak levers are pretty poor and heavily tucked! Usually I do a set of front-levers on a non-climbing workout. They are usually tucked, but occasionally I do them with one leg extended. As you probably know the level of 'tucking' can vary enormously depending on how fresh you feel. At best I have 90 degrees between thigh and torso.

I am over 6ft tall and the pistols are building my thighs, so all forms of levers are getting harder!

Ring splits - lower your gymnastic rings until they are a few inches off the ground. Step your FEET in to the rings, whilst holding on to the straps above. Now slowly lower in to the splits, hold, then draw yourself back upwards. Try NOT to use your hands - let your legs do as much of the work as possible. I repeat, try to let your legs do as much of the work as possible.

Ring Cuts are the same as above, but thread your toes through one ring and your heel in the other. Remember to do this facing the other way as well.

If I find a YouTube clip or have time to post my own film, I will do.