Friday, 23 October 2009

High Tempo Power Session

It was all about the explosive movements today! I dropped the sets to three and skinned the rests and pauses to the bare minimum. I always lowered under control, and the positive phases of the exercises were fast. Wow this hurt me - but I kept short of failure.

Warm Up (5 Mins)
Main (15 Mins)
1) 2 Mins rowing at 70% intensity and 30 SPM.

2a) Alternate One-Arm Dumbell Snatch (18kg 3x7)
2b) Chin Ups (3x7)
2c) Kneel Backs (3x15s)
2d) Frog Planche (3x15s)
2e) Tuck Lever (3x15s)

I was in and out of the gym in about 30 minutes. The grey weather meant that I worked out indoors.

On completion I had some gas in the tank and felt that 'warmed throughout' feeling. I feel I could go and do something else - some other activity now, such as play a game of football or go for a climb.

Hopefully my body is receiving these positive messages of success at the metabolic level! Certainly my head is in a VERY good place after that bit of exertion! It is not often I smile as I type....

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