Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Chessboxing! What is it? Well, it is a mix of chess and boxing. Can you believe such a thing? I was listening to Radio Four the other night when I first heard mention of this particular sport and was struck immediately by its brilliance - the dichotomy of mental and physical strength and the reification of chess's brutality with the intellectual demands of martial art. From Wiki:
  • "Chess boxing is a hybrid sport which combines the sport of boxing with games of chess in alternating rounds. Chess boxing fights have been organized since early 2003. The sport was started when Dutch artist Iepe Rubingh, inspired by fictional descriptions of the sport in the writing of Enki Bilal, organized actual matches. The sport has become increasingly popular since then. To succeed players must be both skilled chess players and skilled boxers."
In fact, I have to say I have not been this taken by a pursuit since I read on the about the Hip Hop Chess Federation's aim of "Using Chess, Music and Martial Arts to Promote Unity, Strategy and Non-Violence". This in turn, was an organisation I found out about from an article on the chess habits of the Wu Tang Clan (whose Wu-Chess site can be found here).

Martial arts, chess, music. All parts of an essential mix in life!

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