Friday, 10 July 2009

Slowing Ageing

A truly staggering story from the BBC concerning the effects of restricted diets on the ageing process:
  • Cutting calories may delay the ageing process and reduce the risk of disease, a long-term study of monkeys suggests.
Ok, so the story itself will not be new to the paleo crowd, but what is impressive is the sequence of photographs accompanying the story. What is staggering is the visible difference between the two monkeys. The benefits didn't end there,
  • [by] reducing calorie intake by 30% while maintaining nutrition ...appeared to impact upon many forms of age-related disease seen in monkeys, including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and brain atrophy.

Personally I have no wish to measure my calorie intake nor reduce it by 30%. But with a combination of intermittent fasting/episodic feasting and fasting, along with eating within 'feeding windows', there is evidence that you can enjoy all of the benefits without the mathematics and will power.

It should come as no surprise that the British Dietetic Association pop up to offer some vacuous knee jerk reaction to the story. Although the BDA warn that "monkeys may be a close relation but there are significant differences which means not everything we see in them can be translated to humans" they go on to scare and speculate and trash their own weight loss ideology thus:

  • there should be some serious reservations about cutting calories so dramatically, particularly for anyone under the age of 30....People would have to weigh up whether they are prepared to compromise their enjoyment of food for the uncertain promise of a longer life, and a life which could be dogged by all sorts of problems - including osteoporosis."

Now then, somebody remind me how the BDA and their ilk recommend we lose less (calorie restriction) and do more! Baise moi.


AT22 said...

"You must weigh whether you actually want to give up that cookie..."

Really -- they suggest that a diet that may reduce just about every problem and help you live a little longer should be weighed against the ... enjoyment of food? And why especially for those under 30? And then they go against the finding in stating that the longer life may be dogged by all kinds of "problems"...and then they mention osteoporosis? That doesn't even make sense!

Asclepius said...

I know - it is a travesty of a piece. They recommend losing weight by chronic calorie restriction but caution against excessive calorie restriction.

They confuse 'enjoyment of food' with what would appear to be closer to an addiction.

Finishing with a scare tactic (OSTEOPEROSIS!) is bizarre in the least. I'd love to see the evidence for ANY of their advice never mind this one!