Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Dynamic Workout

Mondays workout took it out of me a bit*. The following Lau Gar session was also pretty intense, so I decided to aim for just one gym-oriented workout this week.

The intention is to make three passes between each exercise group - 15 reps each. Where appropriate, movements should be explosive but the weight lowered under control. Try to keep the tempo up by moving between exercises. After completing three sets of the first group of exercises, take a minute or so rest before moving to the second group of exercises.

I started with three sprint sets to warm up. After 10s of sprinting I ran in figure eights (facing the same direction throughout), thus invoking lots of side and backwards movements.

Warm Up (5 Mins)
Main (30 Mins)
1a) Sprint to Forwards Facing Fig 8's (10s:60s, 3)

2a) Alternate One-Arm Dumbell Snatch (16kg 3x15)
2b) Frog Planche (3x15s)
2c) Back Bridge (3x15s)

3a) Walking on Hands (3x'for time' - around 25s each)
3b) One Arm Dumbell Rows (3x15x18kg)
3c) Tuck Lever (3x15s)

This really got the sweat going. It is tough on the shoulders and the handstands felt particularly fraught!

*I forgot to mention that Flash was introduced to my gymnastic rings for the first time on Monday. Straight away she grabbed them and managed to lift her legs clean off the ground for about 5 seconds in a sort of L-Sit - all under the tutelage of Captain Kid (he wrote all misty eyed)!

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