Thursday, 16 July 2009

Andreas Thorkildsen

Sometimes you see footage of a human feat that simply astounds you. You watch it again, and again. Sometimes the phrase OMFG is simply not enough!

Step forward Norway's Andreas Thordkilsen who nails an incredible jump here. Andreas is an Olympian in the Javelin and at 6'2" tall (190cm) and around 200lbs (88-93kg) is no lightweight. He undertakes gymnastics as part of his training but is not (nor has he ever been), a competitive gymnast, which makes this iron cross pretty bloody impressive.

More details at Gymnastic Bodies where, amongst the comments is buried this gem showing some not-too-shabby tumbling. Sure there are better tumblers around, but how many tumblers do you know who have won four Olympic golds and five World Championships in alpine skiing like Kjetil Andre Aamodt - the athlete tumbling here?

Let's not get to bogged down in what is and what is not 'gymnastics'. The point being that if it involves strength, speed, agility and kinaesthetic awareness - primal qualities, training can manifest itself in many forms.


Natural Athlete said...

The cross pulls for a guy that size are very impressive, gives me hope. Make me thing about the value of training as thrower. Can't help but think about the fact that one of the very unique adaption of modern humans is the shoulder morphology to throw well.

Asclepius said...

Yeah, at 6ft 3in and over 80kg it gives me hope too!

I had similar thoughts about throwing. I mean look at modern sports involving throwing - javelin, shotput, discuss, darts, netball, basketball, cricket, baseball, American football and even football (soccer to you) and rugby have elements of throwing in them. We are good at it. We can do it skillfully.

I for one, would want to scare an animal off by throwing a big rock at it long before it got close enough that I'd have to use a short range weapon. Similar, being able to extend your kill-range as a hunter by use of throwing is quite powerful (think spears and boomerangs).

I posted a piece some time ago called 'The Ground of Artes' where I selected some key movements (as i saw it), to include in a workout. I included this statement "I was going to suggest a 'Press Above Head from Floor' as my final exercise of choice, but in many ways, a well chosen object launched at speed will target much the same muscles - legs, core and shoulders."

Cheers for dropping by.