Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Power Session

After over a week off, I headed off today for a power workout! The workout felt taxing and could have been harder and quickier had I not been interrupted four times as follows:
  1. One compliment on my physique (yes, I am that shallow at times),
  2. One compliment on my Vibram 5ingers (the second such compliment in a week - but still outweighed by the looks of OMG!),
  3. One comparison of my workout with some USMC BFT,
  4. One comment on how hard my back-bridge looked!
The goal was 5 cycles through the following circuit - each pass should take around 4mins if you keep the tempo up (and unless you are interrupted):

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (25 Mins)
1) 2 mins rowing at 70% intensity and 30 SPM.

2a) Alternate One-Arm Dumbell Snatch (18kg 5x7)
2b) Chin Ups (5x7)
2c) Back Bridge (5x15s)
2d) Frog Planche (5x15s)
2e) Tuck Lever (5x15s)

It was very wet on the local park, so I swapped running/sprinting for rowing. The snatches lost their form towards the last rep of the last set. I was forgetting to let the legs do the work due to fatigue.

The sun was out for the duration of the workout and so all but the bar work and back-bridges was performed outside. At the end, my heart was racing and I took five minutes to walk around in the sun to cool down.

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