Wednesday, 15 July 2009


I mentioned that today my workout was interrupted several times, and that one of those interruptions was due to some guy chatting about the US Marine Corp's Basic Fitness Test (BFT). Well, he also chatted about the UK Forces' BFT - and specifically that of the Royal Marine Commandos.

Our little chat was actually the second one we have had. I met this guy a few weeks ago when he was doing crunches on a mat adjacent to mine. I was doing 'handstands for time'.

We talked about training ideas (it IS possible to hold a conversation whilst holding a handstand for a minute), and I explained my ideas on short but intense, primarily bodyweight exercises. He seemed to have an appreciation of the simplicity of 'the gym you carry around in your pants' (my definition of a bodyweight routine rather than his), and recommended I look up a book called '5BX'

5BX is short for Five Basic Exercises and the '5BX' program was used as a basic fitness program by the Canadian Air Force from the 1960s up to the 1980s. A bit of googling has highlighted free copies of the original pamphlet (and several successive versions), which are well worth downloading (for free).

Much of the advice therein has seldom been bettered and is closer to the paleo model than just about everything in the mainstream of today....and in only 11 minutes a day!

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mess talker said...

neat link. reminds me of the 5 tibetans. a daily routine of 5 exercises.