Wednesday, 15 April 2009

High GI Food - Risk to the Unborn

The Irish Independent ran a story today based on research published in the 'British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology' which found that "Mothers who snack on foods like chocolate and white bread during later pregnancy may give birth to heavier babies", and that "[t]he babies also have a greater risk of childhood obesity."

This might be shocking news to many of you out there. In the story is buried this gem; "Our findings show that maternal hyperglycaemia stimulates the production of insulin and suggest that this has a positive effect on fetal growth,".

I am truly astounded that insulin is being linked to obesity. I though that insulin ''was just stuff wot did stuff 'n that'.

In a bid to help with the nutritional side of things, the article warns against consumption of high GI foods. You can find elsewhere on the Paleo sites for advice on how poor the GI Index is as a measure of pretty much anything but the medical institutions like the crutch such measures offer.

It goes on to advise "sweet and sugary foods have high GI but so, too, do starchy foods like potatoes and white bread".

Bread? Potatoes? Hmmm, the winds of change are truly blowing.

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