Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Finger Strength Quickie

After tonight's technique based Lau Gar class, I came back and tucked in to some steak, lamb's liver and steamed veggies topped with cheese. In between cooking I nailed some deadhanging:

1) Open Handed Hang (7s x 3s x 1m10s)
2) Closed Crimp Hang (7s x 3s x 1m10s)
3) Half Crimp Hang (7s x 3s x 1m10s)

I rested about 4 minutes in between each of the three hand positions.


AT22 said...

For some reason, the title of this post strikes me as funny and potentially R-rated. :)

Asclepius said...

Bloody hell, you're right! I never spotted that before.

To think I thought my site-traffic was coming from those interested in my approach to paleo rather than those interested in onanism!