Thursday, 30 April 2009

Garage Days

I was shifting some stuff around the garage tonight - which gave me the perfect opportunity to put my gymnastic rings up and have a quick swing!

Warm Up (5 mins shifting junk around)
Main (25 mins)
1a) Muscle Ups (6 assisted , 4 assisted, 3, 3)
1b) Basic Ring routine
1c) Assisted Fingerboard 3-Grip 'Walks' (4x1 minute)

2) FSQ (done an hour or so later after the above!)

There you go. Essentially three exercises in mini-circuit. Six or so minutes under tension across about 25 minutes. In between sets I was shifting light stuff around the garage, so by profile, this was real saw-tooth intensity.

Talking of saw-tooth, the Lau Gar last night was an absolute killer. Really exhausting in terms of drill intensity. We had long rests but the 4x3min skips, 3x30s Heavy Bag Drills and 3x20kick Pad Drills milked heart, arm and leg. But, tonight I felt my fingers and pull-muscles in general were ready for some action!

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