Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Three Free Books

Like many paleo-types I am a polymath with an inclination towards autodidacticism. To put it another way I find loads of stuff interesting and 'devour' books and other media to 'bone-up' on whichever subject is currently floating my boat. (I suppose this could be a symptom of ADHT butI guess I will diagnose that when I read a book about it)

To tackle the pulling apart of studies I have a number of sources to hand. Ben Goldacre's Bad Science has been the significant find this year. In addition, Michael Eades can always be relied upon to give a superlative dissection of any paper that crosses his path (his current blog on 'Making Worthless Data Confess' exemplifies both his intellect and humour). In the same breath I will also mention Dr Briffa who also offers scalpal like precision when it comes to cutting through the BS surround diet and nutrition research.

I posted a while back here about a free online book called Testing Treatments which shines a light on to medical research. It is very accessible and worth a read. I have since found three other books which are similarly worthy reads. The are available from Trinity College Dublin and cover subjects that will resonate with paleo types:
  1. Death of Humane Medicine
  2. False Premises, False Promises
  3. Follies and Fallacies in Medicine
After reading this selection, you will be suitably armed to identify medical humbug! Read and enjoy!

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