Monday, 1 December 2008

Kill Carry

So last night I headed out for another quick workout. Again it was designed towards climbing strength - fingers and upper body but with two notable additions.

The first of these was some sprinting. I work out in and around my garage and at 2000hrs last night when I began my workout it was sub-zero. The prospect of pulling on small holds without being fully warmed up is pretty frightening. After my usual round of joint rotations and limb swings (full warm up here), I progress to sprinting. Sprinting is something I have found to constitute THE most effective phase of warming up extremities and thoroughly preparing my fingers for some small-edge action! Make sure you have performed quality rotations and limb swings before lighting the afterburners - and take the first sprint at 75%.

The second addition was what I call a 'Kill Carry'. After finishing my workout I shouldered my punch-bag (all 35kg of it) and went for a walk around the block! This is meant to replicate the carrying of a kill back to camp.

When performing Kill Carries I imagine that other hunters (both human and animal), might be after my prize. Carrying a load makes you vulnerable and some predators might see an opportunity of getting two meals for the price of one! Speed is of the essence.

Warm Up - (5 mins)
Main (20 mins):
1) Four-Way Sprints (Running for five double-steps sidewards, backwards and then forwards)
2) Retreat to garage and do a simple ring routine (muscle-up, skin the cat, levers) - which takes about 30 seconds (Adding an extra muscle-up for each set)
3) Ring Scissors (reducing the number by one each set but increasing the hold time)
4) Fingerboard Laddering/Dead hanging sequence

5) Kill Carry (4min 30s) - done after four 'cycles' through 1-4 above.

Notes: I complete four sets in total . The sets comprise of one each of exercises 1-4 above (as a mini-circuit).

The first time through I start off with one muscle-up when starting my ring routine. The second time through I perform two muscle ups prior to starting the ring routine, for the third set, three MUs and four MUs for the fourth.

The Ring Scissors involved a dropping pyramid. The first time through I did 5 ring scissors, the last one I held for 5 seconds. Next time through I dropped to 4 ring scissors and held it for 10 seconds. Set three comprised three ring scissors and a 15s hold, whilst set four was also of 3 reps but with the last one held for 20s.

After the main workout I shouldered the punchbag (35kg) and went for a walk round the block. I switched shoulders and moved quickly in the cold night air - looking extremely dodgy in the process! I intend to add weight and increase speed in future. I came back and did one more lap on the fingerboard (a bit of plyometric work).

Job Done.

The whole workout was a bit longer than I had anticipated, but the 'Kill Carry' was a fun way to end and a brisk walk under the cold and starry sky was invigorating. If you don't want to do the splits nor have strong fingers, then simply substitute an alternative skill and/or choose an alternative exercise. But, make sure your alternatives don't exhaust the same muscles used in sprinting or ring work.

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