Friday, 5 December 2008

Max Strength

As I suspected, I needed to roll back a bit today. I was messing around with some handstands on Wednesday night and could feel a bit of fatigue in my shoulders.

I nipped out at lunch for a quick workout thus:

Warm Up (usual 5 mins)
Main (10 mins)
Sprint (10s, rest 1min)

Dumbbell Squat to Press
One Arm Dumbell Row

The dumbbell work was performed as a mini-circuit at 'max-strength' for the given number of reps. I did four sets (8, 6, 4, 2) with little rest between exercises. (So I did 8 of Dumbbell Squat to Press, then 8 of One Arm Dumbell Row, then back to 6 of Dumbbell Squat to Press, then 6 of One Arm Dumbell Row and so forth).

I walked back in the winter sunshine - knowing that I need to lay off hard exercise for a few more days.......


Methuselah said...

I am in a similar position this week. I have been doing a standard 5x5 week (monday dumbell chest and chins, tuesday clean and jerk, friday deadlift and pull ups) but also including planche, lever and pistols at the start and tabata finishers at the end.

This is more than I should be doing and easing off next week is definately needed! That's where you sort out the men from the boys. Knowing when to back off.

Asclepius said...

Blogging has been useful in identifying 'overtraining'. We are guilty of it! It is easy to deny fatigue - but not when it is in print and I could see from my previous post that I was feeling it a bit!