Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Trick or Treat

And so it goes on....

The BBC reports that a new drug has been discovered that will trick the body in to losing weight:

  • French scientists say they have found a drug that tricks the body into burning off fat even when on a high-fat diet.
Did you get all that? Let me emphasise that this drug works "EVEN WHEN ON A HIGH FAT DIET!"

Now the only other way I can think of to invoke 'fat-burning' other than using this drug 'even on a high fat diet' is to ignore the drug altogether and a diet high in animal fat and low in refined carbohydrate with 50% by volume of quality meat and fresh vegetables.

Maybe the headline should actually read something like this:

  • "Natural Messiah says he has found a high-fat diet that tricks the body into burning off fat even when on a drug."
What is it with this mentality of 'treating the symptoms'? Why do we as a society seek to 'run to the pills'?


Methuselah said...

It's a good question. Somehow we have gained an appetite for shortcuts. Perhaps part of the problem is ignorance. When people truly understand nutrition, the human body and the limitations of mainstream knowledge about them, perhaps they are less likely to resort to the pills. Maybe the majority of pill-poppers don't realise it's a shortcut and have rationalised it by assuming the scientists know best.

Asclepius said...

An 'appetite for shortcuts' - nicely put! There is certainly little appetite to 'become the change people want to see' - and why would you if you can buy thiness (liposuction), big muscles (implants) or a new face = particularly in a material captialist society?

You know there might be something else at work as well. It seems people think it is hard to lose fat - and I am pretty sure that most of the paleo converts out there are blown away by how EASY it actually is. I actually think there is sanctuary in being a victim - in saying "I can't" or "it doesn't" rather than "I won't". I mean how often do you hear dieters proclaiming a diet didn't work?