Friday, 28 November 2008


I have been busy with work for the past week and so apart from the Lau Gar classes I have not done any of my usual strength based exercise routines. I will head down to the climbing wall tonight so the fingers, arms, shoulders and upper body in general will get a bit of a workout, but my body in general will do nothing as intense as that brought about by my bodyweight strength training.

The rest will do me good. I allows me to mentally recharge and I am already looking forwards to a workout on maybe Sunday evening and/or Monday. After a rest period I always get back in to workouts using sprint work. It is such a fundamental movement and easy to perform. Five or so maximum-speed sprints with around 10s rest gives you a massive bang-for-you-buck. I feel it in my arms and shoulders as much as my legs as each limb is forced piston-like to drive me forwards.

Of course with the Lau Gar classes I was never idle in my week off (and nor should you be!). A bit of wrestling with Captain Kid each evening - including some handstand-play (all at her behest I hasten to add), and the day to day ordeal of carrying Flash around (18 months old but with the mass of a small planet!), ensures that rest does not mean 'do nothing'.

Flash can actually walk/waddle pretty quickly when she wants to and will make a break for it especially near roads and stairs or any other clear and present danger. In fact she floats like a ninja and silently moves off in the blink of an eye. Thus I am proficient in sprinting short distances and scooping up a child shaped object. I am sure paleo-dude mastered a similar skill!

On the fitness front, I have found that performing freestanding headstands has had a fantastic carry-through to my handstands - something I was not anticipating. I was actually worried that headstands would ruin my handstand but have found quite the opposite. Some of my handstands have been static for up to 20 seconds which is a record for me.

This is also testament to non-specific and cross training. Being a 'generalist' does not mean being bad or average at lots of things. Gymnasts show that you can excel in many areas as long as you take time to explore the limits of your ability and the movements available to you.

Above all, LEARN to listen to your body.

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