Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Here is the Next New Pill Craze

I shouldn't get in to the habit of posting an opinion about every 'health story' posted by the BBC, but they really are too tempting at times.

This story covers vitamin B3 which,

  • "may help protect the brain from Alzheimer's disease - and even boost memory in healthy people."
And guess where it is found?
  • "A vitamin found in meat, fish and potatoes."

But there is more,

  • "The vitamin, also called nicotinamide by scientists, is sold in UK pharmacies and health food shops. It has already been shown to help people suffering from diabetes complications and has some anti-inflammatory qualities."
So let's get this straight - a vitamin found in meat and fish ('two out of three ain't bad!"), that benefits those with diabetes complications and has some anti-inflammatory know, I am sure there is a diet that ticks all these boxes...if I could just remember what it is called.

Before we all rush off to buy these pill, there are still some ongoing trials and the article points out that,
  • "people should be wary about changing their diet or taking supplements. In high doses vitamin B3 can be toxic."
I Imagine the body can manage B3 from a dietary source. So once again the plaeo way would seem to be just a little bit ahead of the curve!

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