Monday, 17 November 2008

Accelerator Workout

Today was one of those excellent blue-sky winter days. If you kept out of the wind it was truly warm and pleasant. Thus, I donned shorts and vest (a guy needs his vitamin D), and headed out for a 10 minute mini circuit.

I find that if I keep my workouts VERY short, I can mange up to four a week. I keep total 'time under tension' for all strength workouts in a week to about an hour.

The aim of the session is to perform the positive phase of the exercise as fast as possible. REALLY accelerate against the resistance.

Warm Up (5 mins)

Main (10 Mins)
1) Wall Jump (3ft5"/3ft9")
2) One Handed Medicine Ball Throws (3kg/5kg)
3) Fast Pull Ups (slow lower)

One 'pass' through each of these exercises constitutes a set. I started of with 8 reps of each exercise for the first two sets. The final two sets (making 4 in all), involved an increase in the resistance and only four reps (so the wall jumps were made to a higher platform, the throws done with a heavier medicine ball - you need to do the reps for each hand, and the pull ups were weighted by 5kg).

Each exercise needs to be done explosively and as fast as possible. The jumps should be clean and elegant. The medicine balls should involve an attempt to throw the ball as high as possible engaging all of your 'throw' muscles.

You should NOT go to failure - stop the reps as soon as quality drops!

I finished off with ten minutes of skill training - slowly moving in to a freestanding headstand from a kneeling position, backbridges and some stretching for 'the cuts'/front-splits. Finally I did a quick planche and a quick lever.

You should finish the session feeling ready for more. But you WILL feel it the next day.

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