Sunday, 16 November 2008

Power Training Sunday

This took about 25 minutes including warm up. I perform one exercise then quickly move to the next. Once I have completed one-each of all four exercises, this counts as one set. I aim for four sets:

Warm Up (5 mins)

Main (4-5mins per set, 20 mins total)
1) Ten Second Hill Sprint (focus on maintaining maximum speed)
2) Two Muscle Ups in to
Basic Ring Strength Series (tucked all the way as I am not strong enough)
3) Scissor Ring Splits x 5 (hold last split for up to 20 seconds)
Campus Board Laddering (this clip should give you an idea)

I repeated the above sequence four times (it takes under five minutes for each rep). The Scissor Ring Splits are sport specific for Lau Gar. The Campus Board work is finger intensive and again, sport specific. The sprinting and ring routines are for my Rhino Test tick! The sprinting and ring sequences mean I am totally warmed up for the finger training.

On the fourth and last set, instead of simple laddering on the campus board I did this sequence:

1) One arm ring hangs (20s, one hand)
2) Medium Edge Pull Up (6 reps, two hands)
3) Small Edge Hang (8s, two hands)
4) Ring Pull Ups (6 reps, two hands)
5) Medium Edge Hang (15s, two hands)
6) Ring Pull Ups (6 reps, two hands)
7) Small Edge Hang (8s, two hands)
8) Medium Edge Hang (12s, two hands)
9) Small Edge Hang (to failure, two hands)


If you don't climb you can substitute the campus board stuff for something else 'upper body based' - but allow for the intensity of the ring work. The same goes for the split work. If I have done some sprinting in the previous days, I will substitute the sprints for a 'kata' or form.

Note that the routine goes legs, arms, legs, arms (fingers). It is important that you let upper and lower body rest alternately when working at your limits. All sections (even the splits) are heavily movement based, the heart is working from start to finish. The idea is not to rest by idling.

My cool-down involves putting all the crap back in to my garage that I have to move when I want to work out (I kid you not).

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