Friday, 21 November 2008

Accelerator Workout 2

Today I went for another quick 'accelerator' workout. It was cloudy and cool. Only the sprints were performed outdoors.

Again the aim of the session is to perform the positive phase of the exercise as fast as possible. REALLY accelerate against the resistance.

Warm Up (5 mins)

Main (10 Mins)

1) Four-Way Sprints

2) One Arm Dumbbell Snatch

3) Bent Over Rows

One 'pass' through each of these exercises constitutes a set.

As usual I finished with a bit of skill work - a quick planche and lever. Such work is not necessary as part of my workout, it is purely to fulfill a desire I have to achieve some gymnastic skill!

That evening I headed to the local climbing wall for some longer 'route work' (up 15m walls).


Methuselah said...

Nice routine. Short, sharp.

I've been very random in recent weeks - too much work-related travel and unexpected commitments.

Couple of sessions I particularly enjoyed:

One one day:

3 lots of:

20 second sprint
10 seconds rest
20 x 20" wall jumps
10 seconds rest
20 burpees

Then a final 20 second sprint.

On another day:

5 lots of

5 deadlift @ 80% max
10 seconds rest
5 weighted chins @ 80% max

On another day:

60 seconds planche
60 seconds front lever on a running machine (it can be done on certain models!)

3 lots of:

10 plyo-press ups
10 squat jumps
10 bodyweight rows using same running machine handles

(no rest in between)

Tabata sprints on the running machine by jumping off and on to the belt. Has to be at 80% top speed or injury results...!

Asclepius said...

Nice ideas and they totally float my boat!

One thing you might want to try in there is a 'throwing' exercise. One Arm Vertical Medicine Ball Throws are ideal.

I am currently formulating a 'Kill Carry' workout/exercise - which will involves a short, sharp circuit followed by shouldering a 30kg punchbag and walking for time (probably up to 10-15 minutes). The idea here is emulating the kill of an animal and carrying its carcas back to camp.