Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Food Hospital: A Horse by Any Other Name

I have just watched this weeks' Food Hospital:
  • In the fifth week of The Food Hospital GP Gio Miletto, Dietitian Lucy Jones and Gastric Consultant Shaw Somers meet Ellie who suffers from a rare and chronic odour disorder. A teenager, Toby, comes to The Food Hospital hoping to find a solution for his extreme eczema which sparks teasing at school. Michelle is a mother in excruciating pain due to gallstones which she says is more painful than child labour. The team also demonstrates an easy to make recipe for hungover heads. Dr Pixie McKenna investigates the health claims on packaging and reveals the results of the latest survey.
Surprise, surprise, Shaw Somers recommended a NEOLITHIC DIET ("Huzzah!).   Yep, Somers recommended we eat as we did in the stone age in a bid to help deal with gallstones - and what is more there is evidence that this kind of diet can 'reduce risk of heart disease'!

Let's back up a minute and reflect upon the main problem with this program.  As I have said a few times already, unhappy with entertaining the idea that some consumer items masquerading as food can lead to malady, TFH assume that pretty much everything sold to us as food IS food, and that people who are sick (sickness that could NOT possibly come from poor nutritional choices), can seek remedy in the medicinal qualities of food.  This is 'arse about face'.  It is not so much that 'real food' food is curing us, it is that much of what is sold to us as food is poisoning us.

Now let's back up once more.  What is a horse?  Well, it is big and white/brown/black/grey, a bit bigger than cow-sized, has a leg in each corner and goes "neigh".  We know a horse when we see it.  But do we know a Neolithic Diet when we see it?
Well TFH get something right.  A Neolithic Diet is low in processed foods.  So far so good.  But then the voice over goes on to say that the cause of gallstones is a diet "high in fat and cholesterol and low in fibre" and as part of the Neolithic/Caveman Diet Michelle should eat fresh foods including 'low fat dairy'.

Noooooooooooo!  The stupid, make it stop!

Needless to say after 8 weeks Michelle had only one episode of pain (at the outset of the diet), was 'less hungry all the time', and felt 'generally better'.  (Only an ultrasound could conclude if the gallstones had disappeared.)

Just imagine what a REAL Caveman/Neolithic diet could do eh?

Baise Moi!

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