Sunday, 18 December 2011


I'd taken this photo back in November and an item on BBC news this morning reminded me of it which reported on the marketing 'food' to children online.  I say food, but I am not sure Krave meets the definition of anything but neo-poverty food.

I'm looking forward to marketing my own cereal called "Addykt" based upon a similar recipe.  Meantime:
  • crave (krv) v. craved, crav·ing, craves

    1. To have an intense desire for. See Synonyms at desire.
    2. To need urgently; require.
    3. To beg earnestly for; implore. See Synonyms at beg.
A massive social media campaign has been launched to back Krave.  You have to be 16 to sign up for Krave's newsletter and 17 to play their games on Facebook but lets not kid ourselves as to who will be buying this stuff - after all, it is not on a top shelf, nor does it bear any kind of age restriction on the packaging.  In fact I found it on a shelf easily accessible to a toddler and tucked in next to "children's" cereals.  I cannot think of a worse start to the day.

Follow this link to see the nutritional profile of Krave.  What I like about the dumb-ass nutritional information on the box is that it is based upon a 30g serving.  This is the intellectual equivalent of selling alcohol in smaller measures to alcoholics.

I'd like to see the modal demographic that buy this stuff.  Perhaps if we saw those folk on a billboard the penny would drop...

Baise moi.

(Find out how much energy there is in breakfast cereal with this experiment.)

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