Thursday, 9 December 2010

Spot Workout (Wendler)

The continuing cold spell has meant a lot more walking and snow shovelling.  The formal routine has fallen by the wayside, but I have embraced the new workouts the weather has brought.

Today though, it is back in to the gym for a little bit of gentle iron to ensure I keep my gains.  This is just a 'spot workout' - nothing too demanding (I may well push the levels a bit).  The idea is based upon a Wendler template.  I have not really thought about rests - think I will suck it and see.

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (30 mins)
1. Deadlift 5x91/100, 5x105/120, 5+x119/130
2. Wall Walk : BackBridge 2, 2, 2
3. Planche Press Ups 6, 5, 4
4. Ice Cream Makers 6, 5, 4
5. Four-Way Rotator Cuff 10, 10, 10

I messed up the weights and went much heavier on the deadlifts than intended.  The bolded figures (in KG) show the working weight.  It worked my grip more than anything.  The lifting itself felt steady.  I will probably only get on more DL workout done this side of Xmas so no problem with how things have panned out.

I finished with a set of chins (just to add volume) - managing about 15 smooth and controlled ones before I felt things tiring, and decided to quit.

I have got a dual phase strength to hypertrophy program planned for the new year.  This sounds long winded but I am just trying to cram all the stuff I have read in to a routine that offers variety, a pregression and bodyweight + iron wokrouts.  It mixes lots of elements and so should be good fun to complete.  The only open parameter is rests - which I like to mess with as I see fit (and 'on the fly').

Will it all work?  Dunno!  There is no perfect workout.  As long as it is short and intense, and as long as it works a range of exercises, resulting in some gains without injury, I will be happy.  (Is that too much to ask?)

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