Thursday, 16 December 2010

Spot Workout (Heirarchical Sets)

This routine was made up on the fly.  The set and rep scheme was based on ADV's Hierarchical Sets idea with minimal rest (only to change weight):

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (20 mins)
1. Pistols 12x(60kg assist), 7x(40kg assist), 3x(20kg assist)
2. Chins 12xBW, 8xBW+20kg, 3xBW+25kg
3. DB Press 12x14kg, 8x16kg, 3x18kg

Legs are now jelly! 
I should just mention some improvement in planching and levers having maintained a grease-the-groove protcol over the past few weeks.  Nothing major - just very little, of a high intensity, last thing at night.
I have a dose of Man-Flu at the moment that has persisted for the last week.  It peaked over the weekend with bodily aches and cycles of being too hot and too cold.
I have eaten only three times in the last five days but am definitely over the worst of it.  I am trying to roll with it all.  I follow my appetite and embrace the rest from exercise.  One of the reasons I worked out today is because I really wanted to - a sure sign of recovery.
Next year I will embark on a more organised phase of training.

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